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Ocean Park Hong Kong, Symphony of Light at Victoria Harbour and Mummy's Pancake

Assalamualaikum readers! Captain Naz back to share Day 2 at Hong Kong. Wthout further or due, let's begin.... =)

Hong Kong | 15 March 2017 | Wednesday

# Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ticket price: RM 56 per pax via
Buy at OP counter: HKD 438 (RM 249.62)
* Included one restaurant meal voucher and 1 way transfer

Our day 2 start with Ocean Park Hong Kong. We bought the admission tickets via To be honest, you can find good ticket offer at The tickets we bought include together with 1 way transfer and restaurant meal voucher. The good thing is the pick-up point is Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei Street View which is beside our hotel. So, it is a great offer. No hassle.

The chartered bus pick-up us at 9.15 am. Right on-time the bus came. One staff will wait at the pick-up point and check the voucher details to confirm. I love and strongly recommend to others. By bus, the journey took about 30 minutes to arrive at Ocean Park Hong Kong. Lucky the traffic quite OK that morning. We reach Ocean Park at 10.20 am. We gather one place while waiting for the staff take the admission ticket. 

I'm here again!

With my companion

Just 5 minutes waiting and we got our admission ticket. So fast the process. I feel like a kid again! So happy and excited. We've been given the park map so that easy for us to explore the whole area. The area was so big until we took a little of time to decide which area to go first. Well, we went to Aqua City since it was the nearest to the entrance. In Aqua City, you can a lot of underwater animal. Including sharks ok! The Grand Aquarium certainly the most attractive place.

* First Area: Aqua City

Clear water

Stone fish


With my travel buddies

I'm standing below the fish

With Maxi Goh

They call this as spider crab

We having fun here

I'll do anything for a photo

Including lay down in the middle of walkway

Apart from underwater animal, I'm able to see cute black and white Panda! Feel like meeting the Dragon Warrior. Except this one don't know how to kung fu. Only know eat. Beside panda, his friend, Monkey also in the same area.

Amirah excited to see the Dragon Warrior

I'm also excited to greet the Dragon Warrior

We are excited!

With the baby pandas

If you can spotted the monkey

Got 2 monkeys

With two of them

Giant Panda Adventure

I don't care people see, I just want to jump

Dragon Warrior!

Baby Panda

Dragon Warrior close up

Nearby The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures (Panda area), we move to Whiskers Harbour. We play Merry Go Round there.

* Second Area: Whiskers Harbour

Maxi so love to poke the dragon nose

Back to when I was 8 years old

Through the mirror

Moving on from Whiskers Harbour, we planned to ride cable car to Thrill Mountain. But, unfortunately cable car queue that time so long. So, we take another alternative ride to Thrill Mountain by Ocean Express a.k.a underground train. Much more faster and not so long queue. Just 5 minutes than we arrived at Thrill Mountain. From Thrill Mountain we walk to Ocean Park Tower. Look a like Melaka Taming Sari Tower. Can see whole view of Ocean Park.

With the Tower

Waiting for our turn

Nice view to shoot a photo

* Third Area: Adventure Land

After that, we wen to Adventure Land where there are Mine Train and Ragging River. On the day, Mine Train was closed for maintenance. So, we just play Ragging River. Advisable to bring ponco or raincoat because you gonna get wet by this ride. We ride the thing without wearing the raincoat and guess what happened. We got hit!

Riding the canoe

* Fourth Area: Marine World

Moving on to Marine World where it tested my heartbeat to the maximum. At Marine World got The Abyss, Eagle, Crazy Galleon, Ocean Park Tower, Ocean Theater and The Dragon. By the time we came, The Dragon roller coaster in under maintenance check so we can't play that also. Capt and Amirah test our courage by riding the Crazy Galleon a.k.a Pirate Ship.

Just two of us ride this

This is what I'm talking about

I can tell you the ride tickle my stomach. Make me want to pee every time the swing come down. Before we went to The Abyss, we take a tour at Shark Mystique where I can see real shark. Even the furious one.

Shark Mystique

Giant Stingray

That's the shark
Baby Shark

After finish the tour at Shark Mystique, we try The Abyss. This is one of the ride that make my heart want to come out from it's original place in my body. For this ride, only Capt, Amirah and Pei Yin try while Maxi chilling out at waiting bench. The Abyss almost want to make me vomit after ride it. 

This is The Abyss

The Abyss ride is they will load your seat high up and then drop you down fast. This one really test my heartbeat. After my heart back to it's place, we play The Eagle. This ride make me want to vomit. My head swing here and there.


Probably I feel want to vomit was because I haven't take the lunch yet. Ocean Theater is just beside Eagle and by the time we went to Ocean Theater, the dolphin show just started. So, we take our seat and watch the cute dolphin make some performance.

View from my seat

The show start at 3.30 pm. The show start by 2 seal come from the entrance and make so opening acts. Then, the story of one sailor sail to the ocean and meet the dolphin. I did record the video of the whole show which take 15 minutes.

After watch the dolphin show, we decide to take our lunch. Pretty late that time. About 4.15 pm. Max and his girlfriend had their lunch at The Terrace Cafe while Capt and Amirah at The Aqua City Bakery which got halal meal there. So, both of us took Ocean Express because Aqua City Bakery is located at Aqua City.

Captain's lunch. Healthy meal.

Captain's lunch for that day is Egg Sandwich with chocolate chip muffin and Orange juice. What a "healthy" meal. Obviously I got no other choice or menu but I'm so hungry that time and it's not a wise time to be choosy. #redha #justeatit

* Fifth Area: Thrill Mountain

After finish our lunch, Capt and Amirah board again Ocean Express to go to Thrill Mountain whereby we gonna ride Hair Riser roller coaster. Time show 5.00 pm so we don't have so much time left to enjoy our time at Ocean Park. Only Capt, Amirah and Pei Yin ride the Hair Riser while Max sit tight somewhere that he can hear our scream. 

This is the Hair Riser

This Hair Raiser is much more scary than The Abyss. Lucky Capt keep smartphones in the bag. If not, it will fly away to the ground. I don't stop screaming at this roller coaster. Not just my heart want to come out, all other organs want to come out too. Scary! After we've done with the Hair Raise, we move to Bumper Blaster. A car that slam other car. My back hurt a bit by playing this car since I just banged what ever car I saw in front of me. 

* Sixth Area: Polar Adventure

Arctic Blast Roller Coaster

Moving on from Bumper Blaster, we ride Arctic Blast roller coaster. This ride is not as scary as Hair Raiser but did make me scream like hell. Time shows 5.45 pm so the last ride is The Flash which only Amirah ride on it. Capt, Pei Yin and Max just sit, watch and see Amirah turn up side down. Capt and Max like want to say to the ride staff to give another round for Amirah with the intention to torture her. Hihihihihi #bilasetanrasukminda

Just nice Amirah finish the ride and the park is close so to go down back to exit door, we ride the Cable Car. Not so many people so we got our own coach. 

My travel buddies

With Maxi 

I enjoyed my time here

View from our coach

Along the street

Legend this bus

Old Hong Kong Alley

Ocean Park at 6.00 pm light up with colorful light at Aqua City area. So, beautiful. I am so happy and enjoy my time with my travel buddies there. Love them!

It's getting dark

Fountain Show

We enjoy our time here. Smile happily

# Symphony of Light, Victoria Harbour

After Ocean Park, we headed to Victoria Harbour because we want to watch the Symphony of Light there. From Ocean Park MTR which is South Island Line, stop at Admiralty and ride Tsuen Wan line to stop at Tsim Sha Tsui then walk to Kowloon Public Pier or Ocean Park. We arrive a bit early about 7.30 pm. The light show start at 8.00 pm so we just find a good spot to see the show and enjoy our self with the cool breeze wind at the harbour.

View from Victoria Harbour

Got a shoot with this ship

Just me and the wind

With them

Got many people that time watch this light show. Our spot is very good. We've got to sit and see the show. So comfortable. The light show which took about 20 minutes, then we walk to Carnavan Road where Mummy's Pancake is located. 

# Mummy's Pancake

It is a famous food at Hong Kong. Who ever come to Hong Kong should try it. At Malaysia, got similar food name Eggette and Eggu. For original flavour, it cost HKD 18 while chocolate flavour cost HKD 22. Super delicious! Worth my energy to find this food.

Mummy's pancake shop

I've got it

That's all for second day at Hong Kong. Third day installation coming up next! Stay tuned =)

The Captain
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