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Third Day at Hong Kong: Jalan-Jalan Tengok Orang Hong Kong

Assalamualaikum readers! Today I want to share my moments at Hong Kong for the third day. So, without further or due, let us begin....

3rd Day | Hong Kong | 16 Mar 2017

# Yik Cheong Building

Our first visit for the third day is Yik Cheong Building that is located at Quarry Bay. Why this building? See below.

The beauty of the building during night time

Transformer's battle

Amirah really want to go to this building once she saw other traveler that post this place in the instagram. During night time, the view is awesome. When we go there during day time, the view is not that beautiful. Amirah did shoot few angle using her DSLR camera. Capt also try to shoot some angle with Huawei P9. 

The building during day view

Try to post like a model

Courtesy of Pei Yin

During day time, the color of the building not that outstanding. Normal color only. Apart from the view, the building also being used during Transformers: Age of the Extinction movie. Moving on from Yik Cheong building, we went to Mid-Level Escalators.

# Mid-Level Escalators

Mid-Level Escalators is located at Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong. This is the longest escalators in the city. Why here? Because Running Man used this escalators to complete one of their challenge when they aired at Hong Kong. To be honest, it is a long escalators. We did ride it till the end.

Easy to find when the signboard is on

At Running Man set

We like it!
From the escalator view

Nice view

The escalator

Which one you prefer?

On our back, we bump into one kebab stall, Ebeneezer's Kebab and Pizzeria. After a long walk, of course we get hungry and just nice the time is 1.30 pm. Lunch time so we took our lunch there. My lunch for the day, Roast chicken with meat lover rice just cost me HKD 40. 

That's the stall

My lunch for the day

I love chicken kebab

Once we done with the lunch, get energized back, we went to another tourist hotspot, Hong Kong Observation Wheel which located at Man Kwong Street, Central Hong Kong. Not that far from Mid-Level Escalators. We use Google Map to find the place. Took about 15 minutes by foot. Not that hard to find it.

# Hong Kong Observation Wheel

From far view

The Wheel Ride Fare

With Maxi

With Dokter Bear

Just myself

With the tongkang last night

The weather that time was so cool until it make me wanna try the waffle. Aside from waffle, the food truck also sell other fast food meal such as burger, fries and pancake. There are a lot of flavor for the waffle, then I choose Nutella Waffle. It's delicious and sweet. Cost me HKD 40. Don't forget to bring mineral water together so that you do not need to buy the drink.

Having tea time

Nutella Waffle

I do like the tea time at Hong Kong Observation Wheel. The weather just nice and perfect to for a tea time. Our last destination at Hong Kong, The Island side is Hard Rock Cafe Shop. I insist with them to go there since the shop is located at Central, Hong Kong. I couldn't find HRC tshirt at The Peak, so by hook or by crook, I want to go their concept store. It is located at D'Aguilar Street. Took about 15 minutes walk from The Observation Wheel. 

We got a bit lost even use Google Map. Then, Maxi ask for local people help and walla, we found it!

Found ya!

Three of them didn't buy anything but Capt bought one piece of black tshirt. That tshirt cost me HKD 220. This time Capt did use credit card to make payment and choose HKD, not in MYR. Turns out when the statement came out, the price is a bit cheaper than the receipt. Original tshirt punya pasal. #redha #iamHRCcollectorandfan

I've got what I want

In front of the shop

# Garden of Stars

After finish with HRC, then we all go back to the Mainland. We reach HK Mainland at 5.00 pm. So, while waiting for dinner, we went to Garden of Stars. 2 years back, it is called Avenue of Stars and it is located at Victoria Harbour. Since got some construction and maintainance happened along the harbour, they move to Garden of Stars. Not far from it's original place.

With The Daughter of Hong Kong statue

Battling with Bruce Lee

Silat Hulubalang vs Kung Fu | Captain Naz vs Bruce Lee

Dokter Bear seems tired but yet she still give me a pose

Then, we all go to Tsim Sha Tsui and we go our separate ways. Amirah want to find tshirt for her families. She look for the I Love HK shirt in Giordano shop. We went to few Giordano store nearby at Tsim Sha Tsui and thank God we manage to find one that located in front of Kowloon Mosque. Over there, she manage to find tshirt for her niece and nephew but yet still the tshirt for family still don't have. So, I suggest her to go the night market. Temple Street night market is the close to our hotel so that will be our next destination. 

Dinner time

But, before that we catch our dinner at New Istanbul Kebab located at Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui. Cost me HKD 100. Chicken doner rice with Ice Turkish Milk Tea. The portion is a lot until I couldn't finish the rice. This time I order the wrong drink. End up I got bitter milk tea. Spoil the mood. 

# Temple Street

Once, we done, we walk to Temple Street Market to find the tshirt for Amirah's family. 

Temple Street

I've found it

During my first visit to Hong Kong on Aug 2015, I couldn't find this night market. We just find Ladies Night Market at Mongkok only. Over there, not just tshirt, you can find other things as well such as handbag, fridge magnet, key chain and even lego. So, she manage to find all tshirt and souvenir needed there. Easy pizy. Then, we go back to our hotel. Few blocks only from the night market. 

That's all for day 3 at Hong Kong. Coming up next in the line is Taiwan travelogue. Stay tuned...

Captain Naz 

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