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Captain Naz 2nd Trip for Year 2017. It's Hong Kong Again!

Assalamualaikum =) to all my readers! Since come back early from office, so Capt want to share my second trip for year 2017. Guess what, it's Hong Kong again. First time went to Hong Kong was 2 years ago. 30 July 2015. Why Hong Kong again? Because my travel buddies want to go there. So, I just follow. More or less become their tour guide there. Lolzzz! To be honest, this trip was the expensive among the other trip that I went. Obviously not backpacking this time. Wanna know why, need to read from beginning to the end. Without further or due, Capt want to begin the story....

Hong Kong | 14 March 2017 | Tuesday

Hong Kong time!

Airline by AirAsia AK 138
Departure time: 6.20 am
Ticket price that bought on 20 Dec 2016: RM 209.00
Hot seat: RM 40.00
20 kg luggage: RM 67.00
PTPTN status: - Not blacklisted - Pass to fly! Alhamdulillah =)

Happy face in the middle of morning

For the first time ever, I bought early morning airline ticket with hot seat. Testing power I think. And for the first juga, Capt wait at the airport since 2.00 am. Our departure time 6.20 am. Takut tertinggal flight punya pasal, Capt tak tidur malam tu. While waiting for my other 3 travel buddies come, I just sit,wait and face-booking at Old Town White Coffee with hot milk tea and kaya butter toast. Sit, wait and face-booking also will make the time fly faster. Suddenly, Amirah called and say she arrived already at the airport. But, she went straight to the weighing machine to weigh her luggage. Capt luggage is 13.5 kg so got balance 6.5 kg for her luggage. That morning, not so many people so our luggage check-in line is not that long compared to the news viral 3 days before our flight. Very long queue at the counter. Thank God not happening to us. Max and his girlfriend come a bit late than us but still before the boarding time. After finish check-in than we went straight to the departure hall.

For this trip, Capt change RM 859.50 which equal to HKD 1,500. That time conversion was HKD 100 = RM 57.30. Quite expensive. Last 2 years, I got HKD 100 = RM 49.50. #redha

Sharp 5.40 am, then it's our time to board the plane. 

Happy and sleepy face to fly to Hong Kong

Our flight took 4 hours and 20 minutes of journey. The hot seat really help to relieve legs cramp. Now, I think it worth it. Along the journey, I was not sleeping at all. Don't know why can't sleep. Might be because of high level of excited. So, in the plane, just listen to MP3, silent karaoke and listen to the cabin crew gossiping to each other. We seat in the first row so obviously I can hear them gossiping. 

We landed at Hong Kong International Airport at 10.20 am. Once fill-in the tourist arrival card, we head straight to the immigration counter. This time I passed the immigration easy. Thank God they no need to look at me up and down just to see I'm the same person as in the passport photo. We stop at McD for a while because Max want to have breakfast. He's not feeling so good that morning after having light breakfast at one of the restaurant near our departure waiting room. While waiting for Max finish his breakfast meal, Capt look for pocket WIFI since I surely missed one step in buying the Digi roaming. The pocket WIFI cost me HKD 60 for 1 day. Can be used up to 5 users. Rent for 3 days then 4th day is free so total is HKD 180. Strongly recommend Wifi BB Pocket Wifi Rental. Credit card being swipe for this rental. Thank you credit card! You saved my HKD since I didn't bring enough cash.

Then, we look out for Octopus card. To walk around Hong Kong using their MTR, Octopus card is important. You will need to pay HKD 150 for it. HKD 50 is deposit while in the card itself got HKD 100. Trust me, it's not enough. Sure need to topup later. But, don't worry because beside Octopus card counter, got their add value machine that accept top up amount of HKD 50 & 100 only. We did add value HKD 100 after bought the card. Since, it's 12.30 pm, we decide to head straight to our hotel located at Yau Ma Tei. The fastest way to go there is by Airport Express and stop at Tsing Yi then change to Tung Chung (orange) line stop at Lai King and take Tsuen Wen (red colour) line to reach Yau Ma Tei. It took about an hour journey from airport to Yau Ma Tei. Hong Kong temperature that day was 15'C. Air-cond cold which Capt can feel it till' bone. Lucky bought sweater. 

# HOTEL: Silka Seaview Hotel, Yau Ma Tei

Our hotel at Hong Kong

Room: Standard Twin
Size: 12 sqft
Rate: HKD 1,565.85 for 3 nights
Reservation made via
Security deposit: HKD 300 
*Foreign currency are acceptable if it was AUD, USD, YEN, NTD, Sterling Pound, Euro)

We arrived at 1.30 pm which a bit early from the hotel check-in time. Lucky, our room are available and the hotel let us check-in early. Check-in process was smooth and we got our room keys in just 5 minutes. Me and Amirah have the twin sharing and our room is at 16th floor while Max at 9th floor. See our room below,

Our room

From door view

Small yet comfortable toilet

The room size is 12 square feet which small but the hotel room at Hong Kong is small. To Capt, OK la. For sleep, bath and change cloth. All basic amenities are provided in the room. Just perfect for 2 of us. Lucky me and Amirah are small in size. We decided to rest until 4.00 pm then only start our first destination.

# FIRST PLACE: Kowloon Park

Sharp 4.00 pm then we off to our first place to visit, Kowloon Park. From our hotel to Kowloon Park, it took about 20 minutes by walk. Amirah really love to walk so we walk to the park. Since, I have pocket Wifi, so Google Map assisting us in a very good way. Got a building call "The Mira". Like name after Amirah. Lolzzz =)

With "her building"

Kowloon Park was so different from the first time I came before. They did some renovation and add new things in the park. Managed to shoot video at the park also.

Cute cartoon statue

Park view

Entering the park

Aviary is the new attraction where the birds are in

New fountain too

Lake with swans

Nice signboard

Amirah amazed by the rose garden

At the park also got museum that tourist can enter free and easy. All I can say, it look much better by the time I came and I love it. After a cool and breeze walk, we head to The Peak Tram.

# SECOND PLACE: The Peak Tram

From Kowloon Park to The Peak Tram, we took MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui and stop at Central station using Tsuen Wen line.

Amirah like being held as hostage with this pose

Central station

Since this was Capt second time at Hong Kong, it's not a problem to find way to The Peak. From Central station, just find exit J (that show The Peak Tramius) and walk out from the exit, you will find a park and high rise building. Walk straight from the building then you will see The Peak Tram on your left.

With the high rise building

We made it to the entrance

The Peak Tram we bought in advance using ( It cost us RM 47 per pax for roundtrip tram ticket and entrance to skypass. Highly recommended to buy ticket from Much more cheaper that through the counter. At the first place, just both us went to The Peak but by the time we redeem our ticket at the counter, Max called and say he want to go to The Peak so we wait for him to come from Yau Ma Tei. We waited him about 40 minutes. He's feeling a better after enough rest. So, once he arrived then we took the tram to go to The Peak. Already night time.

With the tram

In the tram

Last 2 years, Capt went to The Peak during day time which was so hot. Then, the second, Capt went to The Peak during night time. Hope to see some nice night view. Once we reached The Peak, we went to Hard Rock Cafe shop first. Amirah want to buy fridge magnet and Capt want to buy tshirt that originally from it's concept store. Sadly, the store didn't have the shirt design that I want for. So, Capt just bought fridge magnet. Cost me HKD 75. If using credit card at Hong Kong, when you make purchase, the cashier will ask whether to charge as per HKD or MYR. Amirah advise, choose local currency because can get cheaper rate.

Finally, I got a good shot 

Then, we walk to The Skypass. But, my hope to get a nice night view was destroyed because of the cloud. Can't see a thing. So, without waste any time, we decide to go back down. What to do, the weather don't allow us to get a good view.

Cloudy view from The Peak

We board the tram to go down back. Doesn't took us long time to get the tram. The high rise building was so beautiful that night so we took advantage of posing with it.

I like this building

Found a lost ninja here at Hong Kong.
Lucky she didn't bring her samurai sword together

The lost ninja!

# DINNER TIME: Mr Kebab Pizza and Pasta

For our dinner that, we went separate ways since we have different menu that night. Obviously Capt and Amirah need to find halal food so both of us decide to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. Over there, a lot of halal food can be found. First, we went to Chungking Mansion but there are a lot of annoying people around so we found a peaceful place to eat Mr Kebab Pizza and Pasta. It is peaceful. 

Dinner Place

The restaurant is located at unit No. 6, 2nd Floor, Haiphong Mansion, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The restaurant can't be find easily since it is located inside a building. Don't worry because their staff will wait one road near MTR exit A1 & Kowloon Mosque. He will show and bring you to the restaurant.

Our dinner menu that night is butter rice and chicken wings. I found chicken at Hong Kong! Lolzzz =) . Their food portion is big so we just order one plate of rice then we share. Sharing is caring. For drinks, we choose hot milk tea and hot chocolate. Obviously the hot milk tea is Captain's drink. Their hot drink need to add sugar in it by yourself. Provided on the table. Drink hot milk that night like lepaking at mamak. Feel like in Malaysia that time. Our dinner that cost us only HKD 176.

We finish our dinner at 10.30 pm then we head back to hotel via MTR since Capt had enough of walking that day. Back to hotel, sleep early for 2nd day activity which really require a lot of energy. 

Wanna know about it, stay tuned for next post! xoxo

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